About the whole goat, Party hat thing ,it has its beginnings in Jersey City NJ where I was the 10th 0f 14 children. T’ was a tough experience that filled me with piss, vinegar , wit and a tremendous imagination. The imagination and wit I use in my shows. The piss & vinegar I use in salads for people I don’t like …..just kidding.

When I started comedy I set out to do something different . I hit the open mic circuits and other performance spaces that allowed me to experiment - and to take beatings . The result is a show that has been described as GROUNDBREAKING, BALLSY  and WILDLY ENTERTAINING. It includes  storytelling ,standup, performance art ,even poetry ! It’s a celebration of wit that  has the audience laughing like a series of controlled explosions. (  You never thought I’d compare my show to the internal combustion engine,  apologies to Henry Ford.)  
In fact, one day soon I’m going to replace my car engine with an audience , hopefully I’ll  get better mileage.

 So check out my  calendar and get the answer to Goat  + Party hat and life’s other big questions.

P.S. The answer to the Goat+ party hat eqaution is in my videos…not going to tell you which one tho’

only will tell you to check out my youtube account under ptlam

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